Trial Windows version vs .paid Windows version

I am on day 1 of trialling Scrivener and wondering whether the current Windows trial version is the same as the current Windows paid version…if you know what I mean?

The interface has an old-fashioned appearance and there seem to be some options missing that were already in the online MAC Scrivener guides a couple of years ago, so it’s got me wondering…

Is the paid version newer?

Is the Windows version still being supported, and will it be ongoing?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Trial versions are fully functional versions of the current release, just they expire after 30 days of use.

The current Win version is a little behind the Mac, though expected to catch up later this year (?).

Check out the Win V3 beta if you want to see what L&L are working on.

The information about Version 3 for Windows is here: … crivener-3

Essentially, if you buy version 1 now, you’ll get Versions 3 for free when it comes out. Version 3 for Windows should bring Windows up to equivalency with version 3.0 for Mac. They are having a hard time doing everything they did on the Mac in the Windows environment, so it is taking much longer than had been anticipated. That said, many of us are using the Beta version and not having significant issues. I prefer the V3 Beta to the older Version 1.9x, but I’m not depending on any of the features that aren’t fully functional yet.