Triangles Where?

Hello Ladies and Gents of L&L,
Quick question: I’ve noticed both in your Vimeo tutorials and the User Manual that while in Composition Mode, we are supposed to see triangles as a visual cue that the Typewriter Scrolling feature is on; however, when I toggle back and forth, I do not see any triangles whatsoever. :open_mouth:
Any thoughts?


I’ve a vague feeling they were taken out at a very late stage of the beta when another aspect of Typewriter scrolling was altered. They’re not there now and they were noticeable. Perhaps the video was created just before then.

Oops, indeed they were. Typewriter mode was quite different in the betas, requiring the use of Jump to Selection to trigger it even when in the mode, so that moving the cursor to edit text elsewhere didn’t cause everything to snap back to the centre (the biggest gripe with typewriter mode). But that implementation meant that it was really only a sort of half-typewriter mode, as you’d keep having to hit Cmd-J to reenable it. So I changed it so that Jump to Selection moves the typewriter line to the centre (or position set in Prefs) but that if you edited elsewhere, typewriter scrolling would happen there. At the same time I removed the triangles because they were no longer needed, since typewriter mode no longer has an active and inactive state. But that was a bit of a last-minute enhancement…

Thank you, Brookter, your vague feeling was correct.
Keith, thank you for the explanation. I thought I was missing out on some Composition accoutrements. :laughing: