Trick for Dealing with Straight Quotes?

When I type in a scene in Google Keep, then copy it into Scriv, the text has straight quotes.

Is there any automatic way to convert them to curved? Any tricks?

If I could search for , I could change that to an end quote. Then I could replace all straight quotes with a beginning quote.

Perhaps I should do that in OpenOffice and then copy and paste.

This works in LibreOffice: – scroll down to “Set Up Macro” and follow the instructions.

Not a Windows user. Does this work?

Scrivener manual. Formatting menu…

I have a similar problem when I’m entering in text via voice dictation. Even when my typing gives curly quotes, my dictation always returns straight quotes and apostrophes, which I wind up converting one at a time. Very annoying.

On a Mac, the format menu has a command to convert quotes with one click.

In the Windows version, either the Format menu, then Convert > Quotes to Smart Quotes; or just hold Ctrl and press the key (on my keyboard, it's on the same key as the tilde ~ ). Ctrl + Shift + goes the other direction. This will work for an entire document, or just on selected text; and it is reversible with Ctrl+Z or Edit > Undo. I don’t know whether it can be used on multiple documents at once.