Tried to buy but something apparently went wrong

About 30 minutes ago I tried to buy Scrivener for Windows using my NaNo code.
I applied the coupon and the discounted price was shown.
Then I clicked on PayPal Checkout
Once the PayPal checkout popped up I entered my PayPal credentials
I then confirmed the payment for about €17.40 (don’t remember exact price) because it used part of my PayPal balance and the rest from my (valid) credit card.
After I clicked OK I was brought to a Literature & Latten form with two checkmarks and an amount of $0.00 which was confusing.
After than I got a blank page or a page full of BUY buttons (don’t recall which).

So, what has happened? If the sale did not go through I did NOT get any error message, if it went through I did not get any confirmation page or email nor a link to download.

I would suggest one measure of cross checking - sign in to your Pay Pal account to see if the charge(s) were applied. Pay Pal is usually not delayed with their live posting. If not charged then possibly reorder. Just a starting point idea. Go from there.

Email with as much information as you can about your attempted purchase. They’ll help you sort it out, Butt be aware that with the recent release of Scrivener 3 for Mac, they might be somewhat snowed under with queries and cries for help.