Trivial pursuits

I simply have to share this–a brilliant new revision tactic, made possible by the latest tweaking of Scrivener.

I love the highlight function (hearkening back to my kindergarten soul). And I have a terrible tendency in my work to go on and on and on, in what seems at the time of conception to be literary brilliance, but which inspection in the cold light of day reveals as mostly–well–purple prose.

Which is why it is so incredibly useful now–you know where I’m going with this, don’t you? :wink:-- to pull up a custom color in highlight’s little wheel–voila! Lurid violet to mark these unfortunate passages!!

Thanks again, Keith. :slight_smile:

Best marker usage ever. :slight_smile:

I prefer command-T --> strikethrough for shudder sections, myself. Leaves the info legible, but makes it obvious to me (and betas) that I’m planning to be rid of it.

Different-colored highlighter’s proving useful for various types of data that I want to be able to find easily (character ages in different scenes–a pain when your work spans several years in their lives) and for marking those pesky paragraphs that, upon reading, make me pause and acknowledge something’s wrong with it, even if I haven’t figured out the “what” yet.

Now, if I could only find a certain character’s eye color…

I use annotations for removal sections. The whole Copy Without Annotations and Footnotes and then re-Paste feature makes for a nice quick way to dump all revision notes and removals when I’m ready to go to the next stage. I usually snapshot right before that point.