Why does this forum not get any trolls?

Is it so well moderated that they are gone before they can do their stuff? The mods must be very active as there is hardly any spam either

The nearest I have seen to trolling are some of the posts criticising Scrivener but I think they are really genuine misunderstandings of what it is and what it does rather than deliberate wind-ups.

Does Vic-K scare them off?

The question that I believe properly addresses the question is more along the lines of: Are we all just a figment of vic-k’s imagination?

Once confronted with that thought, most trolls implode. Which is good. No clean up.

I think this is an interesting question, and I’m inclined to agree with your implicit statement.

I don’t have a definitive answer, though. Since most users in this community seem to be writers or aspiring writers, and provided that writers tend to be highly connected with their emotions, and those of the people around them, it may well constitute a case study.

I just assumed that almost everyone here - with the obvious exception of one delusional character a month or so ago - is a grown-up.

I think part of the problem is that being off topic is the norm here. I’m pretty sure on any other forum I’d be considered a troll.

you may be a troll on this forum.

See how we did that? Can you really troll a forum that self trolls?

Have we so quickly forgotten that all real writers use white text on a blue background like Jerry Pournelle does?
[size=60]Then again, that might have been wholly in earnest.[/size]

These aren’t my pants.

Pigfender! I just noticed, I mean really noticed, your sig. 8)

Made my day. :smiley:

Yeah, empathy helps :slight_smile:

But I must confess that the “everyone’s off topic here” hypothesis is also appealing. :smiley:

And reverse-sinus rinse onto my keyboard with coffee.

That thread was epic in that it contained a parody of the Major General’s Song. comparison to other word processors and writing tools

I’m not delusional. :frowning: I’m AM special, honest!

Perhaps they fear that the pen (and by extension, the keyboard) is mightier than the sword, but most likely they take one look at vic–k and Wock and conclude that we’re just a bunch of nutters unworthy of their time and attention.