Trouble clearing Dropbox cache to fix iOS sync issue

Instructions for fixing a sync issue with iOS/Dropbox say to clear the Dropbox cache: “ To do this, navigate to the iOS Settings app. Scroll down to Scrivener, then tap “Reset Scrivener.” Flip the switch for Clear Dropbox Sync Cache .”

I have no option for this in my Scrivener iOS Settings, as far as I can see. I’m using iOS 16.2. In my Scr. settings, there’s an option for Syncing & Sharing. Under this option are:
Auto-Detect Changes
Sync Projects on Close or Rename
Check Dropbox on Project Open
Warn if No Wi-Fi

Am I looking in the wrong place? Is the instruction for an older version of iOS?

Hello RobSF. In your iPad’s when you scroll down to the Scrivener icon in the left-hand column, you should see the Scrivener settings to the right. If you scroll there to the very end of the options, you’ll see Reset Scrivener.

Tapping on that should show the various toggle switches for the resets, like the Clear Dropbox Sync Cache.

Does that information help?

Thanks so much, Ruth! That took care of it. I missed the “Reset Scrivener” step.

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After using that command, did you completely close Scrivener on the iPad by swiping it off the screen and then reopen it?

Assuming you did, the behavior you’re seeing suggests the iPad is attempting to open that document and struggling with it.

Are you able to navigate back to Scrivener’s main screen and review it to ensure that the Dropbox sync really is complete for all projects?

If Scrivener won’t allow that, I’d give it a little time to see if it’s able to get that document loaded.

I might also try navigating back to the main Scrivener screen and create a manual backup for that project if possible, as per this Knowledge Base article on creating manual iOS backups.

Then, I’d see if I could close Scrivener on my iPad and switch to my Mac or PC to see if that project will open correctly from my Dropbox folder there.

If it will, I’d move it out of Dropbox and allow the changes to sync. I’d consider splitting that document down if possible before returning it to Dropbox and syncing it again with the iPad.

Thanks, Ruth.

The answer to the second problem was just to sit there with the patience of Job, and eventually it will load. There were about half a dozen conflict documents saved, but I got what I need and am back on my way.

Thanks so much for your detailed help.


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