Trouble getting Scrivener to work on Mac 10,15,5 Catolina

I purchased Scrivener from the app store back in 2016 and have recently updated to Catolina OS. When I open Scrivener, the message tells me ‘Scrivener needs to be updated by its developer’. I have looked on the website which directs me back to the app store. I have deleted Scrivener and reinstalled it and I still recieve the same message. I have no license key also as it was downloaded through the app store. Is the old version of Scrivener no defunct? It was working fine before the upgrade.?

sorry in advance if this has been addressed elsewhere


You’ll need to upgrade to Scrivener v. 3.1.5, the latest, to run under Catalina. Catalina requires all apps to be 64 bit, and versions of Scrivener before 3.x.x were 32 bit.

It’s not a free upgrade, but contact the sales staff ( sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com ) and you may be able to get a discount on the upgrade.

Hope this helps!