Trouble Reactivating Scrivener [version 3 with a version 1 serial number]

Hey there! I bout Scrivener from Amazon back in December of 2017. I overhauled my computer recently and am trying to reinstall it. On the Amazon purchase page it tells me to go to:

I went to the suggested link for license recovery and received an email with a license number attached. When I entered it into the appropriate box for activating Scrivener it said the activation failed. Did I need to request an upgrade before a certain date?

Are you by any chance trying a V1 key in V3 ?
(That wouldn’t work.)

Yes I am. would that mean I am out of luck for version 3?

You can run the trial for 30 non-consecutive days.
Plenty of time to try it out, but no, your key/serial for V1 won’t do.
You might be eligible for a discount though. The details are on the website. Do as if you want to upgrade, you should come across the relevant information.

Thank you for you help. I thought I read that anybody that purchased Scrivener after a specific date in 2017 would be eligible to upgrade to v3 for free. I guess it was ether a mistake or I missed a deadline. Thanks again.

I don’t know. Maybe. But you’d still then need to get a valid V3 key through the merchant.
You can contact the friendly people at LL for the details, I am just a user.

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I was able to get it to work and get a free upgrade. Thank you again for your time!

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