Trouble resetting a keyboard shortcut


I’m trying to reset the keyboard shortcut for Redo to ⌘Y (instead of ⇧⌘Z). I have followed all the general instructions ( … er-for-mac), including reassigning the menu command that was previously mapped to ⌘Y, and assigning ⌘Y to the dynamic variations of Redo (e.g. Redo Typing, Redo Set Font). I’ve also tried specifying the menu hierarchy in system preferences.

I was able to successfully reassign other keyboard shortcuts, but for some reason when I assign Redo to be ⌘Y, it instead maps to ⇧⌘Y. It’s listed correctly as ⌘Y for Scrivener in system preferences, so I’m not sure why it keeps becoming ⇧⌘Y in Scrivener.

I would guess that you’re seeing ⇧⌘Y because you are holding down the shift key to get a capital Y. Try assigning the keyboard shortcut “⌘y” instead, leaving the shift key untouched. Otherwise, I’ve got nothing helpful to add on that front.

You may also be running into issues due to the dynamic nature of that menu item. I’m not at my Mac, but if I’m understanding you correctly, the redo menu items changes depending on what you’ve un-done (a font setting, a cut/paste of text, etc…). I don’t know how well MacOS handles that, since at the launch of the program, it may not see that menu item at all. Once again, I’ve got nothing helpful other than to suggest further some research on creating custom shortcuts to dynamic menu items.

Good luck! If all else fails, consider trialing “Keyboard Maestro”, and see if it’s better at handling this particular situation. It has a range of features that I’ve found quite helpful when doing repetitive tasks in Scrivener using multiple menu commands.