Trouble with a Recovery

Hello all, I’ve been using this program for a while but honestly this is the first time I’ve had an issue.

I had a hardware failure, but was able to restore from backups. However, the new version updated some of my formatting. Specifically, it changed the font I had been using for a single character, and I hate it. I was hoping for a smart search or formatting-paste type option but I have not yet been able to find one. Any suggestions? I’m close to 100k words, so going through and doing it by hand sounds awful…

I may be looking for something with my mouth instead of my eyes, feel free to berate me for missing the obvious.

Clarification : Ideally I would be able to search a chapter for text in a specific font, and select it, then change that font for only the selected text, throughout a body (chapter, etc).


You’ve actually posted in the forum that is supposed to be for passing on tips, not asking questions. It is best to ask questions in the Technical Support threads of the forum for your platform (there is one for Mac, another for Windows). Cheers.

ah thanks!

This thread can be deleted, I have moved my query to what I hope is the right spot.