Trouble with auto-completion


I work with OS X Yosemite and I find the auto-completion very convenient. However, it has become very annoying. Indeed, it generates now completion at page break’s key and tabulation’s key. Forcing me each time to press the escape’s key before to continue writing. Is there no way to fix this ?

Thanking you.

Which auto-completion are you referring to? The built-in list provided by the Project/Auto-Complete List… menu command? If so, that’s how it has worked for a while—at least I just tried in 10.9.5, and hitting Tab is synonymous with Return. There is no page break key though, so I can’t say what’s happening there. Have you created your own shortcut for that?

I am working on OS 10.10.2 and my problem is for the Preference-Correction-Option Auto-completion. If I need to have one or more break line between two part of text, the system shows automatically the auto-completion’s list and as I just need break line, I have to press Escape Key to continue. In my way, the auto-completion’s list should appear only when I press a letter’s key and not when I press Return or Tab. The function works very well on Nisus Writer Pro.

Thanks for the clarification, that makes sense now. I’ll check with Keith and see if there is a way to override that. What you are seeing is the text engine’s new behaviour in 10.10 (it really bothers me how aggressive auto-complete is in Yosemite, with not a single option to disable it, but that’s a rant for Apple). When you have Scrivener set up to always suggest completions, it merely fires off the complete request to the Mac text engine when you stop typing—the same as if you hit Esc yourself on an empty line (you’ll even see that in TextEdit, but since that doesn’t have Scrivener’s more aggressive completion option, you don’t see the empty-line behaviour without hitting Esc yourself). So that’s what is happening, whether we can do anything about it is the question.

Thank you a lot for your explanation and to try something !

It’s worse than that – not only is pressing Escape frequently necessary, but pressing Escape actually CAUSES the completion list to appear. I do NOT want that.

Here’s a draconian solution, all or nothing: … mavericks/

Never mind, that does not do it. Not for Scrivener, at least.