Trouble with Word

Like that’s anything new.

My problem is that the text I export from Scrivener seems immutable. I can edit it, but when I save it and reopen, it’s back to exactly what I exported in the first place.

And the same thing happens if I go the RTF - Word route. It’s fixed.

What am I doing wrong? It doesn’t make any difference whether I export from Compile or directly from the page/binder.

I’d happily live without Word, but in the nasty cold world outside the bliss of Scrivener, that’s what my agent and editor want.

Could you be saving a second copy of the document without realizing it? For instance, maybe using the Save As command instead of Save?

Some settings of Word’s Track Changes tools will also give you this kind of result, where the changes are there, but hidden. So it might be worth having a look at those options, too.

Can you edit the RTF document using another non-Scrivener program, like TextEdit? If so, the problem is definitely something to do with Word. If not, you might have some kind of permissions problem that keeps you from saving the changed file – although that should throw an error message, too.