True or False??

I read from somewhere that brains need sugar to work. So question is, is this true or false. When you have good and inventious writing going on, are picking up more candy than normal or are you just living with coffee?

For me, good peppermint choclate caramels seems to work. I think? :smiley:

Have a nice and sunny Sunday 8)

I use my once-daily poison of choice as a reward for a day well-composed: One coffee-machine cuppa café crema infused with a half-and-half mixture of cream and chemical-enhanced French Vanilla flavouring. How French it is and how much vanilla is involved doesn’t concern me.

I hasten to add that it is only once a day, at the end of the writing process. And, horror of horrors, sometimes I drink tea, instead.

As to the OP’s question, I have no idea.

False. Brains can also run on ketones. These are the little goodies produced when your body burns fat. In fact, mine seems to work better that way.

The brain works best when the body is kept busy with something tåwhich the brain doesn’t have to pay attention to. This has been tested in numerous experiments. Some take a walk, I muck the stables.

I have found this works best for me. Doing some task around the house…cleaning, cooking, whatever…frees the old gray cells to do their own thing and I’m often surprised by what they throw at me.

And like me, they’re getting grayer all the time… :mrgreen:

There is such an opinion, I relate to those who consider this a myth, since a person creates when there is inspiration, many other factors influence this.

That’s true that other factors influence too. I know that other peoples presence distracts when I have “writing mode” and because I’m not succesfull writer, I have to work and the combination is sometimes hard. I also know that just being home all the time would not be a good thing. Only that when the writing is fluent it would be the best.

I’m the one who take a walk)