True Outlining in Scrivener

Hi, unless I missed something I don’t see an option to do true outlining in Scrivener, either in standard/fullscreen view or in composition view. See attachment for example of “true outlining” — with graduated indent features, etc. and not dependent on sources from other items in the binder.

Is there a way to do this? If not, is it a feature you might consider?

You can create nested lists in Scrivener, with outline numbering if you want. But they won’t have any connection to the structure of the Binder. What are you trying to do?


I know most of this can be accomplished via Scrivener’s Format menu, but what I’m looking for is a more fluid, dedicated outlining experience that I can do in Composition Mode (See attached screen shot from Scrivener itself with notional chapter headings, scenes, and sub-scenes) with the kind of menu bar navigation buttons that dedicated outlining apps use (for example, Outlinely, OmniOutliner, and Cloud Outliner).

In other words, an outliner window that allow you to rapidly create nested outlines on the fly, varying font styles, ordering, and depth of indent as needed.

Don’t know if my explanation helps, but hopefully.

Scrivener’s design is meant to be used more like this:

[size=80]Outliner view with icons disabled and numbering enabled.[/size]

I.e. the outliner view is meant to be used more like how you would use OmniOutliner as a whole. The main text within each node is where you then develop the material itself directly into that outline, rather than it being something separate from the material.

Given that goal, it wouldn’t really make sense to spend a huge amount of development effort on an elaborate outlining system inside the text node area of each outline item. I don’t know whether that approach suits you, but that’s the idea behind how it works. The bullet tool in the editor is for simple listing.

I’ll play around with it. Perhaps it’s simply a matter of adjusting my way of working to Scrivener’s outlining style