(Truly) custom fonts a possibility?

I know that iOS can handle “custom” fonts but everything I’ve read suggests these have to come from the App Store. Is this effectively a technical limitation for Scrivener as well, or is there a chance we’ll get the ability to add truly custom fonts?

My own use case is way off the edge, unfortunately. I have a font that I created that I need for a project. I am able to use it on MacOS and Windows, but of course it doesn’t appear on Scrivener for iOS and whenever I edit a document that has this font in it, when I get back to the Mac or the WinPC, that font has been replaced with a generic one.

If truly custom fonts are not a possibility, is there a way to have Scrivener on iOS/iPadOS “fall back” to a position where it doesn’t obliterate the font entirely, simply uses a placeholder font without replacing the font information in the saved document?

If you’re syncing your Scrivener projects with Dropbox, you can create a /fonts subfolder and include all the font files that you use in your projects there.

However, there are reports that iOS 14 may have introduced some issues. See this thread here for more discussion.

WHAT. I had no idea, thank you. I will check out the other thread as well.