Truncated files

Mac OS 10.11.5
Scrivener 2.8.1
I am having a huge bug attack in the Research section of a project. Without any previous problems, suddenly every document in several subfolders has an unremovable New Page inserted in the document (roughly in the first 20 lines) and then is truncated at the end so the remaining text occupies only the second page. Bizarre.

Since I create multiple (multiple) backups, I pulled copies of the affected documents into the same folders and open the replacements to find they are affected the same way. Some folder/doc setting I changed in a stupid way?

On further testing: I drag the entire folder (containing the affected subfolders) from the backup version of the project into the affected project and open the problem documents and the problem is duplicated in the transferred folders! Ack. Fortunately the backup is unaffected (so far), but what I am worried about is what caused this and how to respond to it if I see it in my actual manuscript, instead of just Research docs. :frowning: