Trying out scapple, invisible caret

I’m struggling to see the caret (insertion point) while editing text in notes. I’ve got a white caret, it is invisible on the default pale background colour and in fact also invisible on any of the default note background colours. I need to change to a dark background (then I also get white text) to be able to see the white caret. This makes it quite useless as it’s a pain to edit text in notes.

Surely there must be something I’ve done wrong, so any advice would be appreciated.

Problem solved, it seems a restart of scapple fixed the problem.

Ok with a little more testing I can reproduce the problem. I have notes with light background and black text and other notes with dark background and white text. The first time I click on the black text, I get a black caret. If I then click on the white text I get a white caret. That is OK and fine, but when I then click on the black text, the caret is still white.

So the problem description should really be that when the caret goes white, it sticks to being white whatever text I click on. This seems to be a bug.

I’d suggest taking a look at the public beta, which is at this point only an improvement over the stable version. The known issues with it are also known issues with the stable version. And as you will note in the official change logs at the bottom of that post, one fix does involve the cursor colour.

Yes, the bug seems to be fixed in the beta.


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