Trying to compile Footnotes to the bottom of each page

Hi. Running Scrivener (03 Oct 2018) on Windows 8.1.
I cannot get linked footnotes to print at the bottom of each page. Also, I need the footnotes to continue numbering through the entire Manuscript. In Compile, under Footnotes/Comments, in the Group Footnotes drop-down menu, I have only two choices: 1) “At End of Document”, and 2)" At <$–ENDNOTES–> marker". Neither works, nor would I expect them to. I’ve read the manual, watched L&L videos on compiling, etc., and the options some describe I DO NOT HAVE.
Can this be fixed?
This is my first book in Scrivener, and this issue is an absolute must for me. I discovered this only after very laboriously importing a large manuscript into this program. Please don’t tell me I’ve wasted my time doing that.

It might depend what you’re trying to compile to. For instance, I believe that if you’re compiling to PDF, you are limited to endnotes and I can only presume there are technical reasons for that. So if you want PDF + page-bottom notes, compile to .rtf/.doc/.docx, open that in Word/whatever and print to PDF from there.


Thank you! Yes, that was the issue. When I compile for Preview, PDF, or ODT (LibreOffice) the footnotes appear at the end of the work. When I compile for .docx, they compile at the bottom of the page. So at least I have a work-around. My workflow will then be to generate the PDF from Word as a second step. However, I hope that this changes with future releases of Scrivener, as I had hoped to divorce myself from MS Word as much as possible. That is one of the major reasons I’ve moved to Libre and Scrivener. Thanks again.

I 've found the same issue. I have to Compile to RTF then Print as PDF. GACK! I hope this is fixed in the new version.