Trying to see all comments across work...what am I doing wrong

I’ve got comments I added from the inspector pane spread throughout my book. I’m trying to see them all at once.

I’ve looked at this thread - and at this video - but when I select multiple scenes in my book all I get is “project bookmarks” and the inspector is blank (see attached image).

In the attached: 7.7 and 7.10 both have comments. Shouldn’t they be appearing in the inspector pane?

What am I doing wrong?

I’m on High Sierra with version 3.2.2 of Scrivener

Do all of the selected documents correctly load in the Editor?

Do you see this in all projects, or just this one?


I think mainly you need to switch your keyboard focus over into the editor, rather than leaving the selection active in the binder. The inspector can only show one item at a time, so when you have several items loaded at once it will revert to these limited options. In Scrivenings mode over in the editor however, the footnotes & comments will show all notes from the entire session. It’s the one case where the inspector shows info from more than one item.