Trying to set the text color and highlight of comments

I have comments in several places in my manuscript. In the Inspector I can change the color of the text and the background, but I can’t find a way to do this consistently in the manuscript. E.g., I have one place where there is one word with a comment associated with it. The word shows in black, even though the rest of the text in my file is white. No matter what I do I can’t find a way to get it to turn white.

Is there a way to set this as a default so it will apply to all new comments?

Thanks for any guidance!

Dumb question but Have you enabled your format toolbar?
View Icon click format bar, same place where add the ruler.
I tend to adjust my comment colors to my theme color for the editor and the default text white or black. I use the more option when right clicking the comments to get a color that works best.
If use format bar should be able to fix text color for that one word and return it to black.

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Thanks for your suggestion. I do have the format bar displayed. When I select the black text that is linked to the comment, clicking on the icon to toggle the text has no effect. And right clicking on that icon and selecting a color from the color palette also has no effect. I can change the background color for the text successfully but the color of the text is unchangeable.

Is this one comment or every one? If just one could be a weird formatting quirk.

Look at this in options. If you don’t under line links and decorate comments as links, you cannot change the color of the text of the comment.

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That did it—thanks! In your note you said “If you don’t under line links and decorate comments as you links, you cannot change the color of the text of the comment.” It’s the opposite—when I unchecked “Decorate Comment and Footnote anchors as Links” I could then change the text color. I point this out in case someone else comes across this thread.

Thanks so much for your help—I would not have found that check box on my own!

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I didn’t explain it well . I meant if unchecked underline links and click decorate footnotes then you cannot change text color. I am glad that helped.