Hows about Piggy, on one of these?:

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For some reason I see him in a Morgan Three Wheeler…

Just to drag us back to marginally “on topic” …

Nom may be onto something. Not “on” something (we don’t want to know because then we are culpable), onto something. Piggy has always resorted to the red outline. Take nom’s idea, the scriv logo halo’d by the over lords and I think we are very very close.

S’called “branding”, innit.

In many contexts.

This could work, but I’m rather partial to the cookie jar idea. After all, gotta keep up my strength once that day of all days arrives whereupon I’ll be … we’ll be presented with the quest of the halo’d NIAD chalice … or some such.

But, yes, I can see the red outline thing working. Branding, huh? Sounds commercial … downright capitalist.

Just like in Animal Farm?

I thought Animal Farm was about the futility of communism?

Also, t-shirts and logos are highly unlikely to feature:

  • animals
  • me
  • LitNLat logos

Yes. BUt read the book again. In the end the Pigs become the overlords that are essentially circumventing communism and acting like “greedy capitalists”. That was my point in my multipage report and I stick to it no matter what those teachers say!

I have to object (unless the overlords have dictated otherwise).

I read Animal Farm on Jun 8th, 2013. I gave it 3 stars, and the review:
“Does exactly what you expect it too.”

It might be clever when your 11 and OMG how clever is metaphor, but as an adult… it’s a pretty average book.

Yes, I have so dictated. oink.

some of us refuse to grow up.

I was thinking the real overlords.

But, I can see that you are the technical overlord of NiaD. As much as it causes me real pain to say it, I will …

I can’t do it.

I had something less animal-like in mind.


Fine. Be that way. Do it right.

Piggy, How is it coming? looking to give you £ in a few days…


Is a “mock-mockup” really just a real “up”?

I fear I’m being mocked.

Hm. Mocked or mock-mocked, I wonder. The resemblance is striking, I grant you.

Well, let’s see here…

A realup is just an up which is why a mock-realup is just a mockup.
Then crossing one out for the nindicator, we see the reality just factors out.
So, no, a mock-mockup is just that, mockful or not as ever.

I always feel mack-smarter when I read GR posts…