Tee-Shirts. We need NIAD Tee-Shirts. Just sayin’.

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Yes. I would totally be down to buy a T Shirt!

Two sales isn’t exactly enough to justify a print run on tshirts, but leave it with me. I’ll do some digging to see if I can find:
A) someone talented to come up with a great design that I’d want to wear myself
B) a sensible manufacturing and distribution process that can raise some money for charity rather than simply be profit generating for some faceless unrelated organisations.
So, one for next year, I guess.

I don’t think you and “sensible” are allowed in the same sentence. You’re inclusion of … me … in NiaD pretty much invalidates any claim to sense you could have possibly made. Maybe we should let vic-k decide the right design. It might be safer…

Three sales as long as we get permission and then use

  • the L&L name
  • the L&L Yin/Yang logo thing
  • current Avatars of the L&L team

somewhere in the shirt design. I suggest a design section that depicts the overlords of scrivenerdom.

Absolutely up for a tee shirt:)

Those of us with a plus by our name get a free t-shirt right? I’m sure that’s in the rules…

Absolutely. We’ll make up the difference on the P&P.

I’ve started looking for potential printing options. Shirtbot: shirtbot.co. My first find. I’ll keep looking later. Also, got an idea for a design. I’m no artist, but … . My favorite charity besides myself is The Wonderbag: http://www.nb-wonderbag.com/. Anyone else have a favorite charity? Besides themselves of course. :wink:

Don’t worry, I’ll figure all that stuff out. :slight_smile:

I would like to suggest a “design” concept.

Prominent graphic L&L Logo for Scrivener with text overlay “NiaD 2014”
Upper edge of logo has L&L team member avatars arrayed with KB foremost.
The “i” in Niad is Dotted with Piggy’s avatar.

I’ll take 3.

You’ll get “NiaD” hastily scrawled in purple Sharpie on some old unwashed undershirt from my laundry basket AND LIKE IT.

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Worry? I never worry! But, I’m a caret. What does that mean? chews the last remaining nail on her paws

That you’re a large diamond?

If you were … more well known to me … I’d make some comment about you being a lump of coal pretending to be a diamond, but I may be out of line there.

See how I can work that in there? I’ve had WAY too much practice at this sort of thing.

Who’s pretending?

There should, of course, be a Harley in the design somewhere. I wonder, is it possible to do Mr. Piggy on a Harley for a graphic?

That’s a hog, not a pig. We need to keep Mr Piggy from getting overly confident. Maybe an old MG. Or a tricycle. A tricycle may be more his speed.

Okay, so going with my USA-side existence for the time being, I’m not certain which is appropriate since I don’t know Mr. Piggy’s age. But since he’s from the UK I can see your point. If he were of a certain age, I could definitely push for the Harley. But, in deference to his UK-ness, I’ll respectfully go with piglet and thus suggest a unicycle or a scooter. Now roller skates are another option. But, you really have to consider the Harley before you rule it out entirely. This image might help with that: reds-bazaar.myshopify.com/produc … ie-jar-new

In the United States, the term “pig” refers to a younger domesticated swine weighing less than 120 pounds (50 kilograms), and the term “hog” refers to older swine weighing more than 120 lbs. In Great Britain all domesticated swine are referred to as pigs.

Several valid points. But I wonder if we shouldn’t consider the mental state over the physical? Considering the “light weight” and … possibly … juvenile adjectives that may or may not have been used in conjunction with “his fenderness” he may qualify as pig no matter the physical measures used.

Oh my. Oh. My. This. This is. Oh my.

" … state of mind … ." Would that be before or after I brooch the possibility of our starting the show sooner. 17 DAYS … 20 HOURS … 31 MINUTES … 59 SECONDS is a very very very long time to have to wait. I think I could make the argument for cruel and unusual punishment.

Hmmm, I think you take my meaning. ;D

Found this for you the other day, but couldn’t post 'til now…
Pigfender Harley.gif