Turkish Spellcheck

I’ve downloaded Turkish dictionary and it lacks simple words. Is there a better dictionary or I’m doing something wrong?

I also share this opinion as well; is there a way to add custom a Turkish dictionary?

Hi there,
I managed to merge two separate word lists that I’ve got from below sources and compiled them using aspell binary. I think it became a comprehensive (~1,5 million words) Turkish Dictionary compared to the builtin one. Download the package and extract it to “\Scrivener\Aspell\dict” folder.
If you like to compile your own dictionary, follow the instructions written in “\Scrivener\resources\How to add spelling words”

Download Dictionary:

Hope it works for you!
Happy writing :slight_smile:

Word Sources:
extensions.libreoffice.org/exte … dictionary
st2.zargan.com/duyuru/Zargan_Tur … abani.html