Turn off ellipsis auto-replacement?

By default, Scriv replaces three periods with an ellipsis.

How can I turn that off? I went to preferences->corrections and unchecked “replace triple periods with ellipsis” but it’s still doing it.

You need to disable em-dashes as well, in the checkbox beside it. It’s an awkward thing about Apple’s newer OS versions: the internal toggle for these punctuation types are set together rather than separately. The checkboxes work as expected on older OS versions. Bit of a silly thing.

Another option, if you’re producing your final output via the compile function (rather than just copying and pasting small passages or exporting individual documents), would be to check out the Transformations section of the compile window. It should have a checkbox to dumb down ‘smart’ quotes, ellipses. If I’m misremembering that set of options (I’m not at my Mac at the moment), you can create a similar function by using the “Replacements” section of the compile window to replace an ellipsis character with three dots.