Turn selection into new document or text?

This feels like an incredibly dumb question, but how do you, after selecting a block of text in the Editor, turn it into a new text snippet? I know Ctrl-K will split the document at selection - or, more precisely, at where your cursor happens to be - but that’s not what I want. I want to be able to select a chunk of text at any point in the document, and “extract” it to a new document. Is there a way to do this other than plain old cut, create new blank document, and paste? I was hoping for something faster, like a keyboard shortcut or one-click option. I am aware of “append selection to new document”, but that leaves the selected text in the old document instead of removing it.

Is there a way to do what I’m describing, and I’ve just missed it? Grateful for any info.

There’s no single step solution, but you can do it fairly quickly with:

  • Select the text
  • Ctrl X (cut the text)
  • Ctrl N (Create new doc)
  • click in the new blank editor (otherwise you’ll paste into the title of the new doc
  • Ctrl V (paste)

I’ve practiced it a few times and it’s pretty quick and smooth all things considered.

A quick and simple way is to select the text and drag it to a new location in the Binder.
That should create a new document, titled with the first few words of the text.
Especially nice method if you have a series of disconnected notes.
Pull them out, then sort and title them in the Binder.

Oops…I see that you are a Windows user. This method works in the Mac version.

Yeah, that’s a Mac only feature at the moment. One to look forward to!