Turning off rich text

I’d like for all my text to be in plaintext; is there any way to turn off rich text altogether?

If I could easily reset all the text in my project, that would also be a solution (it’s all over the place, some of it having been pasted in and so on).

You could open a scrivenings session, select all, then to a convert to default style.

Keep in mind that will hit absolutely everything. Others may have more subtle methods. I am more of a “sledgehammer to drive finish nails” guy myself.

You can select all your documents and use Documents > Convert > to Default Style to reset all the formatting to your preferred style.

You don’t have to use any of the rich text features like italics, bold, rulers, colours, etc. and you can set your editor font to a monospaced font. And then when you compile, one of your options is plain text. Same effect as having plain text in the editor … just the font appearance of your choice.