Tutorial doesn't match version 3.2.3

I’m just returning to scrivener after a couple of years and need to refresh on version 3.2.3. My tutorial, however, does not match the version I’m using. ???

If you find yourself in that situation, you can use the Help ▸ Reset Tutorial menu command to have it remove the old copy and, if it is currently open, replace it with a fresh one from the application resources. Otherwise you’ll just go through the tutorial creation routine the next time you use the Interactive Tutorial command.

That did it, thanks.

never mind … just confusing syntax.
–So let’s dive in. In the binder sidebar, you will see a folder entitled “Draft”. Beneath this, indented, you will see “The Basics”, “Get Oriented”, “Main Interface” and more. To get started, click on “Main Interface”. – should read ’ open all headings". my tutorial does not open with the headings all laid open.