Tutorial Lost

I was working my way through the tutorial (Scrivener for Windows, 1.0). At step 16, compiling, I created a file of the tutorial as intructed, and then a Novel. I opened these files to see how they looked and when I got back to Scrivener the entire tutorial was blank. I can’t load the Tutorial file or any other files I’ve created. The outline headings are there, but none of the text, and the PDF and novel I created and saved ends at the end of section three: In other words the tutorial was only partly saved as a PDF and novel… What DID I do? And how can I fix it? :open_mouth:


You can reset the tutorial by deleting it from your drive and then creating a new copy with the Help/Interactive Tutorial menu command. As for what happened, I’m not sure, are there any RTF files in the tutorial’s Files/Docs folder?

Thank you, that seems to have fixed the problem