Tutorial not working

I can’t get the tutorial to run. I click on it under the help menu but nothing happens.
What could be the problem?
I tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling it but that didn’t help.

I too cannot find the tutorial. I downloaded the trial Windows version a few weeks ago and started the tutorial. I reopened Scrivener and cannot figure out how to get back to where I was in the tutorial. I really want to buy this software, but will not unless I can figure how to make it work.

I had the same problem. I had to go to the program files and launch the tutorial from there.
It was in my C drive, right in the Scrivener folder under “tutorial”.
Hope this helps until they fix it.

Hi all,

Could I first clarify that there are two issues here, one where the Tutorial does not start at all, that is there’s never an option to create it, and a second (probably related) where the Tutorial is created but then doesn’t open later when clicking Help > Interactive Tutorial? (It also should be available from File > Recent Projects or can be accessed directly via File > Open by navigating in the browser to wherever you saved the project when you initially created the interactive tutorial project.)

somebody - Could you navigate to your installed Scrivener location in Windows Explorer and verify that there is a “Tutorial.scriv” folder inside? If there is, you should be able to copy this folder and paste it in your Documents folder or somewhere else convenient and then double-click the “project.scrivx” file inside to open the project. This is essentially what the program would do for you when you selected to create a tutorial project–it copies that project folder and saves the copy with whatever name you choose to the location you specify. So if that works, at least that will get you up and running with the tutorial, and you’ll be able to access it then through the “Recent Projects” menu or directly through “Open Existing Project”.

(nibbled thumb - Sounds like you did essentially this already, although if you’ve been working directly in the Tutorial.scriv project from the installation folder, you won’t be able to recreate a fresh copy of the project and may need to delete that and reinstall in order to get a clean copy.)

Could you all let me know:
a) What version of Scrivener you’re running (Help > About Scrivener) and whether this was your first version of Scrivener or if you had originally installed an earlier version?
b) If you did have an earlier version, was it pre-1.0?
c) When you uninstalled Scrivener, do you know if the “Scrivener” installation directory was completely removed by the installer or if it was still present on your drive before you reinstalled?
d) Where you’ve installed Scrivener (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener)?

I just bought the Windows version of Scrivener and the tutorial doesn’t run. I tried going to the Help section and running it from there…but it just sits there, looking at me. I can click through to look at the various levels, but there is nothing interactive about it.

I set aside 2 hours to work on it, and I’ve already spent half of that trying to figure out what was going on. :frowning:

I am having the same problem as the above poster. I can open the tutorial - the title headings are all there; but there is no content or ‘interaction’…

For debblake and hmore: do you get a project window eventually, where there’s a list of files in the Binder (along the left side) that starts with “START HERE” and then “Draft”, “Part 1: Basics”, etc…?

If so, it should have started with the START HERE selected, and a big Scrivener Icon in the main edit window (the middle part). If it didn’t that’s probably a bug, but if it did, then just scroll down and start reading. The text will direct you to do things with Scrivener as you go, thus the “interactive” part.

Edit to add: I tried opening up the Tutorial to see what you might see, and noticed that a small “bug” with the tutorial is that the “Step 1: Beginnings” is not visible. You must click on the disclosure triangle next to “Part 1: Basics” to see it. The developer has been notified of this, but until it’s fixed, that could be a little confusing.

Thank you for your reply robertdguthrie - the problem is that there is no icon in the main edit window – nor is there anything else in the edit window - for any of the “Headings” on the side. :frowning:

What happens when you click on other documents in the binder (the list on the left side of the window)? If you see stuff appearing in the edit window, click back on the START HERE document, and you should see the starting document.

hmore - I posted earlier in your other thread about this, but I may have misunderstood what you’re getting. Would it be possible for you to post a screenshot of the tutorial project window? That would help us to know what’s going on. (Even if the project in the other thread works to get you up and running, I’d still appreciate the screenshot and the details asked earlier in this thread about where you’ve installed Scrivener–also where you chose to save the tutorial project when you created it. That would help to track down what’s going wrong for you and the few others experiencing this problem.) Also, are you using any kind of special pointer device? If the problem isn’t that the tutorial is blank but just that nothing is responding to your clicks, it may be that you’re trying to work with an unsupported device. In that case, try switching to a standard mouse or your laptop’s trackpad to see if that works for you (or using the keyboard to navigate).