Tutorial Notes

This is my first attempt at using scrivener.

I have been a software developer for almost 30 years so you will either love me or hate me but at least you will understand me (hopefully). I realize I am nit picking so don’t take it as critical. I am impressed with this software and am figuratively drooling over being able to use it.

This is my first attempt at a bug report for this program.

I am using Windows Vista Home Premium.

I am using version 1.8

I realize that the tutorial is a work in progress but have no idea if you have been working on it or not. Feel free to ignore this if the time is not right.

In the START HERE section, in the WELOCME TO THE TUTORIAL section, it indicates there is a manual on the help menu. I clicked on the menu on Help and could not find a manual.

In Step 1, in THE EDITOR section, in paragraph 2, it mentions clicking on the plus-sign. In my version (this may be a vista thing or it may be a change you have made), I have Hollow triangles pointing to the right denoting nodes that may be opened. I have Black triangles pointing down and right denoting nodes that are opened.

Step 2 never explicitly tells us to go to Step 3. Since step 3 explicitly tells us to go to step 4, it looks like an omission.

Step 3 starts by talking about dragging a document into the header bar. I was never asked to do such a thing and if I try to drag a document from the binder, it is immediately selected in the binder. The first sentence of this first paragraph is confusing to me.

In Step 3, just after ‘Click into this text.’; Windows users are used to right clicking in order to get a popup menu and I found that I was unsure. I would insert the following at the beginning of the next paragraph …Just to the right of “General Text”, you should see two triangles pointing up and down. This lets you know that clicking here will open a pop-up menu from which you can make a selection.

In step 5, I was a little confused at first about where step 5a would be. This is when I realized that the arrows on the nodes were the same function as plus and minus keys. I like the arrows better, but clearing that up in Step 1 (above) might help the tutorial user to not wonder.

In Step 5b, the last line is inconsistent… You may be trying to avoid saying ‘Please Click On …’ every time… If so, disregard.

In Step 6, there is no image after “The control should look like this”

If that is referring to the 3 button control with rounded corners that has a cork board in the middle, something is not right. I am unable to get this to have all buttons unselected. The first button has two states and if the 2nd or 3rd buttons are not selected, the first button autoselects it’s last state.