I read a review of Scrivener this morning, and was inspired to download it.

I followed instructions, as near to the letter as I can remember. I got as far as start-up, help, tutorial, then failed entirely to discover anything called “CLICK HERE TO START”. I get a multi-paned window, but no words, etc, on any bit of it.

I presume I’m doing something really stupid, but I can’t work out what it is. Any idea?

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Is everything completely blank everywhere? Could you post a screenshot? If everything is blank, then this is usually indicative of a font problem on your machine. Have you disabled any fonts? If so, try making sure that Helvetica, Courier and Lucida Grande are all definitely enabled. If that doesn’t help, try enabling Optima and Chalkboard too to see if that does the trick. Although Scrivener does its best to work around disabled fonts, it’s not always possible; font issues can cause problems with a lot of programs, unfortunately.

If this doesn’t help, try posting a screenshot or giving more details and we can take it from there.
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Thanks very much for the extremely speedy reply.

I attempted to post a screenshot. No dice. So I’ve put one on my web site:


I’ve got the three fonts you mention; none of them disabled.

Strange. I expect it’s something really stupid that I’ve done - but I can’t think what it might be.



Looking at that, that is almost certainly a fonts problem. (In every case I’ve seen this, it has turned out to be to do with fonts, even when at first it has seemed otherwise.) Try enabling all the fonts on your system first. Do you have any special font managers installed? Have you disabled any fonts or played with the fonts on your system? (It is especially important that Helvetica is not disabled, incidentally.)
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Good Sir,

A thousand thanks.

I’ve checked the fonts with something called Font Book. I have all those you mention, though Courier is called Courier New. Just for the hell of it, I copied all the variants, deleted the word ‘New’ and restarted the Big Grey Machine. No change.

And one minute ago I saw a chink of light. I copied the Scrivener.dmg file to my laptop, installed it there and … it works as advertised. Well, it’s two minutes ago now, but you know what I mean.

I shall experiment with the tutorial on the little machine (if my eyes survive), then see what happens on the big one.



Courier and Courier New are two different fonts - so the problem may have been that you don’t have Courier on your machine for some reason. Another thing you could do is go to the Preferences and change all the fonts for everything in Scrivener to fonts you definitely have on your machine. Then restart Scrivener.

Anyway, glad you got it working on your laptop!
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You can also download Courier Final Draft here.


(updated because link moved 2018)