TV Episode with Series Bible and Pitch Booklet

Hey everyone, as a long time Scrivener user, I’d often become annoyed by the same old templates floating around that always show up at the top of a Google search only to find that they were incredible basic, just copies of templates already out there or just not what I needed.

I finally have a great way into a show adapted from a book that I never could work out into a series until now, and I needed more than just the normal screenplay template built in and couldn’t find what I wanted online.

I wanted a Series Bible section in the same file as the episode I’m writing but have never been able to find a good Series Bible template and certainly never a good one built for Scrivener.

So I built my own TV Series/Episode template.

I called it TV Episode with Show Bible and Pitch.

I took a 1 hour TV show script format and built in a Series Bible with instructions/descriptions and included a blank pitch booklet and some random templates I’ve found helpful in the past as well.

My intention is that you fill out the pitch booklet and/or the Series Bible first, save it as the template for your show, and then access that blank script template or file each time you need to write an episode, that way the Series Bible and pitch stay filled out and available in the same file as the episode you are currently writing every time without having to have multiple files/applications open and running at the same time.

I also added directions and theory to the Series Bible from some of the top screenwriting sources on the internet so you know in detail what to do with each section and how to build your Series Bible.

I included screenshots with this post of the first page of each section in the Series Bible so you guys can see if it’s anything that interests you.

TV Show With Show Bible and Pitch.scrivtemplate (914.1 KB)

Thanks and I hope it is useful to someone out there!


This Dropbox shared link seems to be working if you download the entire folder on the first page. Trying to download what looks like the template alone from within the folder results in Scrivener not being able to load it at all. Dropbox - TV Episode with Series Bible and Pitch Booklet - Simplify your life

You should save it as a normal project and zip it.
People can easily turn it into a template once they’ve downloaded it.

Else, the template has to go in a specific location.

Thanks for the share. :slight_smile:

yeah its uploaded as just a normal scrivener file, and then people can just save it as a template before they use it if they want. Only way I could make it work but it seems to be working…

But you should really (really really) zip it.

I am not sure if it is Dropbox that is showing your zipped file as a plain folder, or if the download of your plain folder ends up zipped by Dropbox, but you should zip your file if not already.

And thanks again. I will definitely have a thorough read/look at it. :slight_smile:

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this looks epic, tysm!