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Maybe because I grew up a couch potato, I find most TV slow and boring these days. Not that the old stuff was good but rather I’ve worked it out of my system. :unamused:

These days it’s eating dinner with my Dad (my turn at “eldercare”) with the news on and that’s it unless something catches my interest.

So do you like me spend more time in front of the monitor or the TV?


Computer, by far… the TV only turns on where there’s a DVD to be played!

Internet for sure! Only time I turn to the TV is when Heros or Smallville is on. Every now and then I tune in Discovery channel.

TV is way too boring and I have a hard time dealing with commercials.

Yeah, I’m a total info-junkie. The internet is like opium… just one more blog, one more news page to inhale… just a quick check of my email before I sleep…

I’ll watch a few sci-fi shows, but the SciFi Channel keeps screwing up my faves, so I may end up not watching at all. There are some noises about an internet, uh, tv-esque show that I’m going to watch and see how it goes.

I used to watch the TV for information and education (not all of it, of course; I like a good old-fashioned sitcom), but all these ‘lifestyle’ programmes…there’s nothing more boring than other peoples’ ordinary lives - I’ve got one of those myself.

So, when I am at home (as opposed to at the pub), the Internet now provides my source of information, education and amusement, so I prefer to stay here, in front of my monitor…even for DVDs!

Sometimes, though, I talk to my husband, even if only to show him something informative, educational or funny I’ve found online.