TV sitcom and drama Template


Is it possible to include TV sitcom (and drama) templates in your Project Templates? Or are there licensing complications? Both Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter have this. I love the organizing leeway of Scrivener, but having a template would make my life so much easier.



Yes, this is pretty to do. You only need to set it up once and from then on it’ll be as easy as choosing any other script format for your project. If there is a Final Draft template that you’d like to use in Scrivener, all you need to do is import the settings from the template file, or any script that uses that format. Here’s a quick example:

  1. Create a new Screenplay template.
  2. Use the Format/Scriptwriting/Script Settings… menu command.
  3. Use the Manage… drop-down menu along the bottom to Load from Final Draft .fdx or .fdxt.
  4. Give it a name at the top.
  5. Again use Manage… to Save for use with other projects.

And now you’ll see it available in the Format/Scriptwriting/ sub-menu. Any project you create or that already exists can make use of it.

If you want to make a project template out of it, then use this temporary screenplay project to File/Save as Template…, but there wouldn’t be a huge need for that unless you wish to customise the initial organisation of the project start-up further—perhaps with episode and season organisation folders in Research or whatever strikes you as being useful.

For more information, refer to §20.5, Working with Final Draft (pg. 280 on) in the user manual.

Moderator note: moved to tech support since this capability already exists.