Tweaking Lists

OK, this may be in the manual already. My apologies if I missed it. If so, just say where and I will go and look it up … but, I didn’t see it. My question is about using advanced formatting with lists.

In Scrivener I cant see how to do this yet. I have a multi page Scrivener document. I am using lists to number my paragraphs which is good for this point in my project as I am reconstructing a timeline of events before I smooth it into a narrative. The problems I am having are from 1) when one section contains a sub list, I can’t select a different numbering or customize numbering for that subsection as it is already a slave of it’s position in some preset formatting. And 2) when I continue the list after that subsection, the list has to be restarted at zero. In Word there is an option to continue numbering, but n Scrivener I am not seeing this?

Have I missed this feature? I tried option selecting the sections before and after the sub list section and reapplying list but that did nothing. I tried right clicking on the second list but there was no menu option to continue numbering. I tried selecting a numbered paragraph in the upper list and copied it’s format and selected a paragraph in the lower list and pasted formatting with no changes at all made. Is there a way to do advanced formatting like this in Scrivener that I am missing? Once upon a time I was an expert user of Word. I know I can do this in Word.

Under the Format/Text menu I see “Tabs and Indents …” and “Line and Paragraph Spacing …”, both of which I use all the time. Wouldn’t this be a good place for a fly our menu for adjusting lists and/ or custom formatting?

Either of these help?

Yes thanks. I missed that menu bar icon menu. Apparently there is no option in Scrivener like in Word to use the the right click menu to select “continue numbering”. Oh well. Might be a good Scrivener future suggestion? Still, glad to get back to it, thanks


Big changes coming in Scrivener 3. Don’t know if / how list management will change.

Not much will be changing here as lists are currently and will continue to be provided by the underlying text engine (what you see in TextEdit). The documentation doesn’t cover much of this stuff in depth for that reason, and instead points you to the TextEdit help if you need details on how to use the Mac text system.

That said, you can start a list with any arbitrary number using the “Other…” option at the bottom of the list type selection menu. Since this panel is for making custom list types overall, it is therefore easier to make your list using the prebuilt type you prefer (like “a) b) c)”) and then use the custom list tool to change the starting point for the current list, as doing things in that order will pre-fill the customisation options for making a list that looks that way, rather than having to start from scratch.

Yes but … the question was not about making a custom list. It was about document management and continuing the flow of a list with sub lists. I think a previous response did answer that, to use the menu drop down. I still think it would be a useful suggestion if Scrivener added a “continue numbering” option to the right click menu.

Also, I observe that using copy formatting does not copy list formatting. Copying a format in Word will copy the entire format of the selection, list status too. Not so in Scrivener, unfortunately. It would be nice if lists were not seen as separate from formatting in this way.

But the custom list tool is how you start a list at a specific number. It’s a bit weird, and not as convenient as Word, but that’s what we have to work with. I hadn’t watched the videos, so I didn’t realise I was repeating what was in them.

To the various requests: as noted, we don’t really have any control over how lists function, which is why they aren’t changing dramatically any time soon. Something of that magnitude would probably require hiring another programmer, because talk of adding right-click control and handling list formatting discretely from character formatting and so forth is really talk about rewriting large components of the RTF editor from scratch.

OK, fair enough. Thanks for listening anyway. :smiley: