Tweet progress without the image?

I really like the option to share my writing progress from Scrivener 3 to Twitter. But I would love to do that without the attached image. I don’t want to share the title of my project :slight_smile: Is that possible?

There isn’t an option for doing that it looks like. It seems a reasonable request to me though, so I’ll move it over to the wish list.

There is no way to add an option for this to the Tweet window because that window is provided by Apple (I can either pass an image to it or not). The only way would be to add Yet Another Preference somewhere for this.

I understand this would not be high up on the list of priorities, but I would really love such a toggle :slight_smile:

I’ve added an option for this to 3.0.2. The option is called “Include screenshot when using Twitter service in Project Targets”, and you’ll find it under General > Services in the Preferences.

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Awesome! Thanks so much!

I can’t even find the setting! Where is it??? :slight_smile:

The location is actually specified in the post right above yours. :slight_smile:

Not for me, lol

Glad you found it! :slight_smile:

But I can’t get it to work. There’s nothing in the Targets pane to click on/off.



I’m a little confused - in your previous reply you posted a screenshot of the very option you need to un-tick:

I think I need to get you to explain how it’s used, @KB. That and why it is there as an option.

In the UM, I got the impression that one can Tweet from within Scrivener 3, and though I’ve located the setting within Preferences, I don’t understand how to actually do it.

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You can tweet your progress by going to Project > Show Project Targets. This thread is about the option to turn off screenshots when that feature is used.
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