Twitter Template

I’d like a template for Twitter threads. I already know it’s possible to set a document target of a 280 character limit and get a progress bar as you type. Great. But unless you make a template New Text entry with that character limit and copy and paste it each time you want to add a new tweet, you have to update each new text entry by clicking the document target item in the lower right hand corner each time. So a template where that setting is automatically set would be helpful. Another would be to auto count tweet and rearrange the count as you move text items up or down in the left hand window.

Who else here is using Scrivener to organize long tweet threads?

You can create and recall document templates.
I can’t much develop at the moment, but at least now you know.
Someone I’m sure will further develop on the how to.

You can also at bottom of file display targets and can set count for characters . Make a new template beginning with folder and call it topic. Now add blank files below and click on target and set. Duplicate/ repeat and create topic template with tweet files with each having a target . Now under manuscript right click and add topic template and repeat as needed

Document templates will replicate almost everything about themselves when you use one to create a new entry in the binder, and that includes any targets set to the document.

The better question might be whether you’ve created or used document templates before, as it sounds like maybe you have not? If not, open the interactive tutorial from the Help menu, expand “Going Further” and within that, “Customising Projects”. In there you will find a section on Document Templates, that will walk you through the process of creating a template folder, adding some items to it, and then ultimately using it to make new items. Note that toward the bottom of that section there is a useful tip for setting a default template for new documents within a folder—that’s probably something you’ll want to do so you can just hit the Return key in the binder to make new entries (or however you prefer to add new text items).