Twitter tweet tweet


Just to let you all know that Keith has forced me to start using Twitter. Please follow the gourd!

All the best,
(Not shadowy at all.)

Is Keith bullying you? Do you want us to duff him up for you? :wink:

About time. :wink:

Follow the shoe, not the gourd!

Those are my Juniper bushes!!!

“You are all different!”
“I’m not …”

He’s just a very naughty boy.

What have the Romans ever done for us?


Real men don’t ‘tweet’. Just the sound of the name sets my teeth on edge.

Should we “twit” instead? Heh. I hate the verb too…

so you want DMJ to twit on twitter.

That only goes to support my position relative to shadowy.

Just remember, the past tense of tweet is twat!

Actually, Dodgers wrong there. Twat`is an Antipodean colloquialism, used mainly by New Zealanders, when referring to an Aussie.

KB: Twits tweet on Twitter. :slight_smile:
Vic: Actually the term is rather more specific than that but, as an Aussie, I am far too polite to say more (not like those uncouth New Zealanders).

Vic never lets facts get in the way of a chance to call me a dingo dodger, or ned, or a roo chaser, or…

Dearest Commonwealth Cousin, nom,
Since its a reasonable assumption, that the crew of The Good Ship Scrivener are members of that happy band of men and women, known as, Concentric Adults( young Jaysen excepted of course), Im sure open discussion of various facets of the female form and its attendant derogatory nomenclature, aint gonna raise any eyebrows aboard this ship.

Ned and I have only recently clashed boomerangs in open forum, over my misrepresentation of the word, HIni/Hinie (play on H1N1 virus) as being a colloquialism applicable to female genitalia. Which of course it isnt. Its slang for arse, male or female. However, the subject matter under dispute, has obviously got Cane Toady over excited, and caused some synaptic short circuiting to occur. Hence twat instead of twitted/ered, for past tense of twitter. It has to be noted, though, that twit (noun), like twat, is a derogatory term too. I could be missing something here (wont be the first time). Does Ned think all who twitter, are a bunch of twats?

I stand by my original statement, nom. Twat, is a colloquialism, much beloved of your near neighbours to the East, when referring to their near neighbours to the west.

Take care nom, and watch out for those Funnel webs

cane toady was indeed implying that, albeit for comedic purposes. Much hilarity could have ensued, but I am not sure the joke stands up to this much scrutiny.

Most unfair! Who dodges dingoes these days? Sometimes they’re the easiest way to catch a roo - especially when running late for work.

Maybe that explains why so many of them move here?

She’ll be right, Funnel webs are pretty rare around here, it’s the bl**dy red-backs you’ve got to watch out for. And the brown snakes, black snakes and tiger snakes (especially the tiger snakes). And puffer fish, blue ringed octopus and cone snails. And sharks…

[size=70]The pain. Nearly unbearable. But I must complete the post.[/size]

Vic-k is right on twat.

[size=70]I think I am going to die now. [/size]

Your language is atrocious. However, nom n matt want to know if youve inadvertently left out a letter a` in