two automatic placement issues

I have found two issues with the new Scrivener:

  • When I use the Short Story, Novel or Screenplay templates, it automatically adds my address to the cover page – but it’s an old address. How do I set a new address?

  • When I use screenplay mode, every time I begin a character name it gives me the option to finish the name automatically. That’s pretty great, except it doesn’t put the character name in all caps like it’s supposed to. Also, it gives me options for character names that include location names from the list of scene headings.

Re your first question: although I don’t use the templates, I believe they take your address from your address book. May be worth checking what you have there.

They do just take it from the Address book, so yeah, you may want to update that. :wink: But in the project, you can just delete the address and type in the correct one. Once the project is created, it’s just static text.

Thanks! I just couldn’t find a place to update it, and it would have been a pain to keep replacing the text every time I opened a new file.