Two Caps at Once

This is not about Scriv really. But when I hold the shift key down to type 2 consecutive caps on my macbook it only does one and the second in lower case. I’ve checked around in all the preferences I can find (Apple, Scriv, Textedit) in case it’s an option somewhere I can change. Is this supposed to happen on Macs (I’m relatively new to them) or does mine need to go to the doctor?

Are you pressing Shift, or Caps Lock? Shift only affects letters while it’s being held down, if you let go it’ll revert to lower case…

(Sorry if the above is obvious or patronising, but it’s not clear from your post exactly how you’re going about it…)

Hi Jenny,

It definitely sounds like your keyboard has some issues. It might just be some dirt stuck under the Shift key, in which case you should be able to clean it yourself. Otherwise, it may indeed need a trip to the Apple store for a repair…


The caps key works fine. I’m holding down the shift key and keeping it held. Get one cap and the next letters all lowercase. Let go and hold it down again get one cap and the next lowercase. It looks like time to call in the repair person. Dammit. Why can’t things just work?

Maybe not :slight_smile:

It sounds suspiciously to me like you’ve got ‘Sticky Keys’ activated in your Universal Access preferences. Pressing Shift five times in succession activates it (meaning if you didn’t know, you could accidentally activate it and not realise it was on) - and then the modifier keys (including shift) are designed to ‘work once per press than deactivate’ rather than require holding down. It’s for people who have trouble pressing more than one key.

Anyway, go to System Preferences > Universal Access > Keyboard - and deactivate ‘Sticky Keys’ if it’s checked.

No, I had the same thought, but double checked and sticky keys is off. I tried turning them on and the same thing happens. Also, it’s not dirt, because it happens with the shift key on both sides of the keyboard.

Thanks for the optimism, though. It’s off to the Apple shop tomorrow and no work done.

Darn, I was hoping it might have been an easy fix for you :frowning:

It seems a really strange fault, though. I mean, if it’s hardware, then keys usually work or DON’T work…it’s odd to see it working reliably for the first character.

My gut still points to software issue. Perhaps there’s something installed that’s fiddling with things? Do you have a key macro app like RapidoWrite or something similar installed?

MarcustheBlacksmith you’ve made me SO happy. See those double caps? Typeit4you had the preference set to no double caps. You can’t have my first born child because she thirty and has a mind of her own, but I’ll bung you into the acknowlegements of my next book. Not the next best thing, but something.

Thank you so much. Yes, I do feel an ass.

Don`t you just love a happy ending! :laughing:

Truly…Scrivener is [i]The Ship of Souls[/i]1925

Le D :smiling_imp:

Oh, that’s okay. I much prefer them when they’re thirty and have a mind of their own, to be honest :wink:

Glad things are sorted for you - I know how it feels when something just won’t work despite what seems like every possible avenue. I have similar struggles with Subversion on a daily basis.