Two Corkboard issues [BUG LOGGED]

Two issues that I have discovered when using the index cards and the corkboard feature:

  1. In the corkboard view, if you drill down into a text file by clicking on the icon in the upper left hand corner of an index card and then click on a folder in the inspector nothing happens - you are not taken to the corkboard view of that folder’s contents as you are supposed to. (in fact if you keep clicking on the folder Scrivener acts like you have double clicked and want to change the folder’s name rather than see the corkboard).

If you try to get back to the corkboard by clicking on the icon at the top of the screen - e.g. the icon inbetween the icon for scrivenings and the icon for the outliner - you get a blank corkboard, despite the fact that the folder highlighted contains numerous text files.

The only way to get back to the corkboard here is to click on one of the text files in the inspector and then click on the folder icon again, which this time takes you to the corkboard view. Note - it does not seem to matter here if the text file that you click on in the inspector is the same as the one you drilled down into on the corkboard, it seems that the mere act of clicking on a text file icon in the inspector is what matters.

  1. Editing text in the index card on the right hand side of the screen (e.g. the index card visible in text view) and especially in the index cards on the corkboard is cumbersome. You have to double click on the text that you have already entered, which then highlights all of the text. This means that you have then to click on the card once again to edit or you will write over all of the existing text. It would be better if you could just click to insert the cursor where you want to start writing as then you could edit text easily. Don’t know if this last point is a bug or not, it depends I suppose on whether this is what you have to do in the existing Mac version, in which case improving this feature is something that I would like to recommend for the wish list in the future.

I think the first item is definitely a bug and have logged it accordingly.

Thanks for taking the time to report this.


Hi Lee

Realised I might have got my terminology wrong here - apologies but I am relatively new to Scrivener. When I referred to the “Inspector” I meant the window on the left hand side of the screen which holds a list of all text files and folders. I believe that this is actually called the “binder” and the inspector is the window on the right of the screen containing the index card and document notes for the text file that you are working on. Apologies for any confusion caused.