Two desktop shortcuts

I uninstalled Scrivener, then reinstalled Beta 1.4 (for the history, see this thread: and again got two desktop shortcuts. One is labeled beta, the other beta 1.4

When I right click the desktop icons to look at properties, the difference is that one notes the date of first installation of Scrivener on my computer, the other the Dec 13 update. Both are identical in all other respects.

This time only 1 version of the program populates the list for Add or Remove Programs.

Using XP with 2 MB Ram.

The correct shortcut is the beta 1.4 one. The other one can be safely deleted. As the other one exists you have probably got some beta 1.0 files on your system. The only way to delete them is as follows:

  1. Uninstall beta 1.4
  2. Got to the directly where you installed Scrivener. Usually C:\Program Files\Scrivener
  3. Delete any remaining files/folders in this directory.
  4. Reinstall beta 1.4

Hope that helps.

Seconds above. Just delete the darn thing Janis.