Two footnotes, one word

Hi All, is there a way to add two seperate footnotes to one word? e.g. it might compile as

This is the end of the sentence.[15,16]

As is, when I highlight a word with a footnote and add a footnote, it deletes the old one.

Thanks for any advice!

I don’t know whether that’s possible in Scrivener, but I wonder what kind of context this is. Most scholarly publishers these days, I think, prefer not to do that (Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed.: “more than one note reference should never appear at a single location”), and would ask you to look for another place to attach the other footnote (perhaps to the end of a clause earlier in the sentence), or possibly for a way to combine the two.

However, CMS also notes that many medical publications do require such multiple reference numbers. Is that the context for which you’re writing?

You could do it by creating the first as an inspector footnote on the word and the second as an inline footnote immediately following, or following a space (which would then provide a space between the footnote markers). You could also put a space between two inline footnotes to separate them.