two minor notepad suggestions

If this would be easy to implement: 1) Have Scr. remember whether the notepad was open when the project file was last closed; 2) for us mouse users, it would be nice to have a toolbar button to open and close the notepad.

Like I said, they are minor! Love that notepad! I’m finding it very useful!!


Just for the information of users, this is actually what I intend to do to the project notepad in the future - probably 1.1 or 1.2 (as opposed to 1.01):

  1. The project notepad will just be built into the inspector, available via a separate tab button at the bottom, and visible even when you click “Draft” folder etc instead of “Inspector not available”.

  2. Replacing “Show Notepad” in the Window menu will be “Show Scratchpad”. This will be a separate notes area that will hover over other application windows when Scrivener is not active, so that you can temporarily paste information into whilst using other programs.


Mmmm! Would be cool!

MUCH better than my suggestions. I love both of these ideas. Very, very useful additions!

One more question I just thought of. Will the project notes pane replace the regular, entry-based note pane? My thought here is that I often have BOTH open and running at the same time. It would be a bit awkward to have to tab or even keystroke between these, since I’m entering different stuff into each one continually.

There’s always something, eh? :slight_smile:

Oh no - it most certainly would not replace the document notes. It would be as well as, just as it is now. :slight_smile:

Ah, got it. Very, very nice. :slight_smile:


While you’re at it, could you add the “Scrivener Links” feature to the notepad? I’m sure it would be very useful for keeping track of ToDos, sections to work on, even quick universal links to frequently used docs.


Hmm… Not sure about this one because that is actually pretty complicated. If you click on a link in the notepad, where would it be opened? It would affect the main editor, which would then get rid of your notes… Besides which, this is exactly what the references pane is for!

Obviously, I wouldn’t know what the technical issues are; if they are more than minor I completely understand.

But I’m not sure I see how opening the link in the currently active pane is any more confusing than clicking a link from anywhere else, including the references pane. A link is a link. If you make a mistake you can always go back in the history. If it becomes a problem for you, you can lock the pane or just not put links in the notes. And clearly the links are more useful here than in the references pane because they can be annotated, inbedded in notes and lists etc. Would it not be useful, say, to have an annotated list of what you want to work on today, with quick links to the appropriate docs? In the other direction, you could keep track of/journal what you already had worked on today. The applications are pretty well unlimited.
Yes, you could keep it in the binder, but surely the arguments for universality that apply to having project notes in the first place would similarly apply to project notes with links.

Personally I’d rather see links in doc notes as well, as this would make it easier to make a functional distinction between notes and drafts, if you so desired. But that’s another issue. Or is it? Is the Project Notes field technically just a free floating regular Notes field?. Don’t mean to confuse the issue.

I certainly don’t intend to be a hardass about this. Just thought it would be a cool, useful, flexible, easy to implement feature that is consistent with Scriveners design and philosophy. But it’s your call : it’s your philosophy after all. I’m merely a follower here. :laughing:

Sitting at your feet.


It’s a pretty intriguing idea, actually, and a whole new way to use scrivener :slight_smile:

Where to open the document is, naturally, an intuitiveness (is that even a word?) question. I don’t think anyone would be surprised if they clicked a link in the notepad and it changed the active document window. It would be analogous to clicking on an item in the binder.

I wouldn’t consider it an essential feature, by any means, but it does offer some interesting possibilities. Like a mini-binder for “today’s essential documents”.

I am kind of warming to the concept, too. As for where the click should go, that would seem to be a matter of whether or not Open in Alternate is set? It would then be like any other link activation in the editor.

Can we think about this around 1.5 - i.e. in a few months? It sounds like the sort of refinement that should come a bit later. Adding links to notes isn’t massively difficult (the code is there elsewhere) but neither is it completely trivial. Now that we’ve hit 1.0, time is more limited - I’ve spent two hours just answering e-mails today. :slight_smile: This will calm down - after which I’m writing. :slight_smile: After that, this sort of thing will be considered. I’ll add it to my “possible for 1.5-ish” list, though.

Yeah, sure … this from the guy who sat down and coded up a writing application rather than get started on that blank page. I am truly in awe of your powers of procrastination :slight_smile:


Absolutely. I take you at your word when you say the feature set is closed for a while. Stick to your guns by all means. Glad to hear you’re considering it, because the more I think about it the more I like the idea.To be honest, given that the notes fields are full cocoa text editors with ruler, styles etc, I was quite surprised to see that links didn’t work, but I didn’t want to come off all critical while Scrivener still has that new baby smell. In any case I seem to be the only one who’s cared so far.

Cheers and happy writing.


One more thing, let some of us carry the weight on user requests here. You must be swamped! This site is one of my favorite forms of procrastination and I promise to be a bit more, ahem, diplomatic.

Oh Keith, you are ‘lad’.

This might help to get you started!!!

Once upon a time …

Now end that sentence and start the next one. That’s all. Just keep going. It really is easy. Ha Ha Ha!



I now realize that external web links do work in the notes fields. I was having an issue with default browsers and they didn’t for a while. Of course, there’s no particular reason internal Scrivener links should also work in notes fields. But it would be nice.

sorry for the confusion.