Two projects on screen at same time

Using a split screen, can I have two projects side by side? I have an abridged version of my book and I would like to compare it, paragraph by paragraph with the longer version, to ensure I haven’t left out anything essential.

Does this help? I’m not sure if it’s for Windows or Mac, and it’s from 2017…

(I found this by doing a Google search of
“two projects”
by the way.)

Tabbed projects can’t be opened at the same time. Also you can’t be using project A and have project B nested in a split editor.

One way to do this would be to open the two projects in scrivenings mode, hid the binders and inspectors and make the windows narrow enough that you can have them side by side. Youd need to make sure you always knew which of the two was active at any moment. Obviously, the bigger your monitor, the easier.

The other is to import the entire text of the second project into the first, making sure it’s outside the Draft/Manuscript folder, and then open that side by side in the second editor pane.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Yes! Thanks, Mark. I now know what to do.