Two sided printing on an Old HP LaserJet: AKA Double Side Printing

I have found a way to Double-side print Scrivener files using my 22 year-old HP LaserJet 4050N printer (yes, it is that old and still printing):

  1. Select the pages to be printed
  2. Click “Print Current Document”.
  3. Click on “Layout”
  4. From the dropdown, click “Paper Handling”
  5. From “Pages to Print” Select “Odd Only”
  6. For the odd pages also select “Reverse” under “Page Order:”
  7. Click “Print”
  8. When the first pass that prints the odd numbered pages is done, the reverse order will have “Page 1” at the top of the print stack (your results might differ)
  9. To get the even pages to print, follow the steps above except DO NOT select “Reverse” under page order. In this way, Page 2 is printed on page One’s blank (back) side. I need to feed my sheets one at a time - which could get tedious with 100 pages or more, but well worth it for the paper saved. I start with page 1 and work my way through the Odd pages until the printer is no longer expecting more sheets. If my original document was, say, 19 pages, the last page is already printed.
  10. I collate the pages so that page one is face up and at the top of the double-sided print stack. All Done!
    I hope this helps you save paper.