Two simultaneous projects

If I have two projects open in Scrivener 3 at the same time, and I then close Scrivener, is it possible to have both projects open simultaneously again when I open Scrivener?
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That’s the default behavior. At least on macOS.

Oops. Sorry. I’m on Windows 10, and it’s not the default behavior to my knowledge. Sorry. No matter how much I think, I never think of it all. Thanks.

Could you have a look in your settings (File > Options… > General > Startup) if “Reopen projects that were open on quit” is unchecked?

The Manual says it’s default behavior…

EDIT: Disregard my post below, I was mistakenly using Close all projects.

If I Enable File > Options > Startup > Reopen projects that were open on quit. and choose File > Exit, then upon reopening Scrivener, all the projects that are reopened. :slight_smile:

Either the manual is misleading or mistaken, or Windows Scriv 3.0.1 has a bug. Launching Scriv only reopens one prior project, not prior projects.

I tested as follows:

1) Enable File > Options > Startup > Reopen projects that were open on quit.

2) Open Scrivener Project A and Project B.

3) Close all projects, via File > Close all projects

4) Launch Scrivener by clicking the Start Menu icon.

When Scrivener launches, it opens one of either Project A or Project B. I repeated this multiple times and it never launched both of them. I suspect that whichever of the projects was closed last by the Close all projects command is the one that gets reopened.

I work around this by launching multiple projects with an AHK script. :sunglasses:

Run, C:\Users\Username\Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener\MyProject.scriv\SMyProject1.scrivx
WinWait, C:\Users\Username\Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener\MyProject1.scriv - Scrivener, , 20

Run, C:\Users\Username\Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener\MyProject.scriv\MyProject2.scrivx
WinWait, C:\Users\Username\Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener\MyProject2.scriv - Scrivener, , 20

Run, C:\Users\Username\Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener\MyProject.scriv\MyProject3.scrivx
WinWait, C:\Users\Username\Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener\MyProject3.scriv - Scrivener, , 20


You see what you did there, right?

Yeah, I was just being my pedantic self and differentiating the desired action against the command used to achieve the action. And maybe with this reply to you I’m doing it again? :metal:

I don’t get it. If you close all projects… they’re not open anymore. :man_shrugging:t2:

Thanks, I fixed my post.

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First, I want to thank you all. I tried Ctrl f4 and f5. No good. I tried the X in upper right hand corner. I tried this. I tried that. And then, by Jove, I clicked on File and scrolled down to Exit and clicked on Exit. Not F4 or F5. And it worked. Click on Exit, program closes. When you open, it opens all programs that were open before you clicked on Exit. And so voila. Hope this helped 'y’all.

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Crazy. You’d think Alt-F4, “the X” and Menu-Exit all do the same. I had no idea.

As a mere Mac-user—with a limited use of the Windows version—can I ask … when you open more than one project, they each appear as separate tasks on the task-bar, each of which has it’s own menu-bar. So if you click File → Exit on one of them, do all projects close, or only the one which you clicked in?

If it’s the latter, it seems that might be the root of the the problem. On the Mac, you have a single Scrivener menu bar, and when you click File → Quit no matter how many projects you have open, they are all closed as the app shuts down, and will all open again if you have it set to re-open projects.

If it’s not that, then it must be a bug.


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I don’t see each story/task listed. I use alt+tab to scroll through stories. When I do File > Exit, Scrivener close all files, and when I open Scrivener, all file that were open, open again. Just as an aside, I never tried more than 2 files. Hope this helps.

Error. I do see two separate files on task bar. But I have to delete them simultaneously from the menu in the program. Sorry about that.