Two template elements on same line

I need a template that can put two different elements (Character and Dialogue) on the same line. Every template creates a new line after each element.

I need to do this:
CHARACTER1: This is a line of dialogue
CHARACTER2: This is a second line of dialogue

Do you know how to do it?

You’d normally do this by setting up the ruler so that there is a hanging indent and a tab. That is, so that the first line indent is flush left, then the indent for the rest of the paragraph is indented further than “CHARACTER1:”, with a tab character at the same point. Then you just hit tab after typing the character name and type away.

The “Stage Play (UK)” script mode is already set up to do this, in fact (and you might want to use scriptwriting mode for this), under Format > Scriptwriting. Switch to “Character & Dialogue” in the footer bar when in scriptwriting mode with “Stage Play (UK)” set to see how it is set up.

Thanks, this is what I needed! I have created a new script mode that does that, and it fits my needs.
The only thing that doesn’t drive me crazy is that now Character and Dialogue are one single element, but I would prefer to keep them separated for “logical” reasons, but for the moment it works fine.