Two Versions for Leanpub?

I’m using Scrivener to write a couple of books intended to be published on Leanpub. (One of them is tentatively called “Scrivener for Leanpub” or something like that.)

It turns out to be quite feasible to keep all one’s chapters in Scrivener and compile one big MultiMarkdown file and to have Leanpub make a book from it. One issue is this:

Leanpub will build the actual book (all chapters etc) and a sample book containing just some material (and, I suppose, additional material as well. I might include a list of all the chapters, or who knows, advertising or something).

With this setup one wants to compile TWO different compilations, say FullBook.txt and SampleBook.txt. I’m looking for advice on a good way to do that. Ideas include:

  • Just remember which ones to check. I’m pretty sure my brain isn’t up to that. :slight_smile:
  • Put labels on the chapters, say Sample. Then filter with include/exclude label Sample.
  • Use collections. At this moment, I’m too ignorant to know more than whether they exist. Can a document be in two collections, for example?

So, please advise me on good ways to do this. With the last two above, all I’d have to do is remember to switch the file name in the compile.

Is there a way to save and reuse a whole compile setup, so I could have two and just select it, including file name? Or will it always propose the same file name?